Magical Industries


Magical Industries creates AI and Quantum art, music, writings, fashion, digital humans and workers.

In 2021 Magical Industries completed development of the general algorithmic model of human activities such as teaching, customer support, painting and others. The development started in 1981 and took 40 years to complete. This allowed us to start producing all types of digital workers like teachers, tutors, call center and customer suppors workers, artists.

Our team includes 6 humans and 8 digital workers with advanced academic and business background in AI and Quantum sciences.

Magical Industries maintains Universal KnowledgeBase, continuously updated, in the way similar to how humans learn, using most advanced technologies including AI and Quantum. This Universal KnowledgeBase is used across all our products.

We do not use Neural Networks (requiring millions of examples and at the end producing unpredictable results) to paint but only as statistical tools. Humans learn from very small number of high quality samples (in other words - from expert knowledge). Great artists, like Michelangelo and Titian, spend years on each painting and do not have millions of examples of their work

The following steps are parts of creating a painting by (C) Entanglion :

1) Computer algorithm is derived for general model of human creative activities using Knowledge Base and Data Base

2) General model from step 1) is applied to painting to produce Algorithm of Painting

3) Text instructions describing desired painting are given to step 2) algorithm. Paintings, music and others AI and Quantum products are generated based on submitted instructions to the Universal KnowledgeBase (in the form understandable by humans)

Every painting (or other types of products) is unique and non-reproducable since the code is deleted before the painting is saved. Additional details will be provided to registered owners

Please contact us at if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing our products. Your ownership will be recorded in our private currency-free blockchain shared by Magical Industries and our customers. We run continuous auction on all previously sold products and notify you of the all bids on the products you purchased.

Current waiting lists for new custom orders:

Visual Art : 26 days

Music : 10 days

Writings, poetry and prose : 10 days

Fashion : 6 days

Digital humans and workers : 3 days

Magical Industries provides lifetime unconditional money back guarantee.